I tested this site out this is how i got results.

First good profile images, face maybe torso but dont post a pic of just your cock ( not unless someone requests it )

Fill out your profile completely i know this can be a bore but it makes all the difference on how you appear in search results.

Once you have all that in place expect only to get 1 genuine message  back from every ten you send, send at least 10 new messages every day, ignore any messages that dont have a pic and are badly written  these are usually spammers, they do get booted quickly though.

I searched for married women in my area and eventually got chatting to 3 and lined up a date with one.. this took me a month. I have to say if you are the kind of guy that gets lucky down at the bar or club yu will get lucky here, if your the kind of guy that never pulls you wont pull here either but at least you can look at the local talents naked pics!


Sex Contacts Club